Traditional Hand Crafted Signs

Design, Handlettering, Illustration

Vehicles, Boats, Motorcycles

With examples of hand painting and computer generated vinyl graphics.
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Vinyl graphics on mini van. 1950 Chevy sedan with 50's style handlettering. Vinyl graphics on cube van.. 22k gold leaf scroll work and pinstripes on 1934 Ford fire engine. Featured in SignCraft magazine. Handpainted cartoon and lettering on back of 1948 Pontiac sedan delivery.Yes someone painted it pink. Full colour contour cut vinyl decal. Motortree Racing. I designed and lettered the first seven of these for the Vancouver Trolley Company. I used gold sign enamels on  deep green fields front, sides and rear. There is also lots of detail such as pinstripes and tiny airbrushed dogwoods along the top rails. Hey! Magnetic signs don't have to be square. Cracked Pot Coffee Printed and contour cut vinyl decal. About 8''x16''fairweather sandblasting 37 chevy pickup hand lettered with the era corect script and a little pinstriping. Hand painted with airbrush highlights on a Kenworth. Harley knuckle head tank. A combination of hand painting and cut and spray technique. free download website gallery makerby v5.9

Motorcycle Art

Painting, Airbrush Art, Hand Pinstriping and Lettering

chrisH-Dtank360ppi chris tourpack lesbike handpainted rose harley fairing les new tank right_tank script on tank sportste tank silver leaf engine turns harley front fender kawasakigpz550 free download website gallery makerby v5.9


A few Boats 

Transom of a sport fishing boat. Letters are about a foot high.Sign reads ''Brand XXX'' cocktails Hand lettering and a little airbrush on transom of a cabin cruiser.''Jannix'' Concieved, sketched and hand painted on the spot. Transom of cabin cruser. free download website gallery makerby v5.9