Traditional Hand Crafted Signs

Design, Handlettering, Illustration

Plywood, Plastic, & Aluminum Composite Signs

An overview of signs using a mix of painted and vinyl graphics on various materials such as MDO (a special plywood with an overlaid resin finish), Aluminum composite and plastic.

MDO plywood externally lit with spot lights. Airbrushed beer mug on clear plexiglass. Aluminum composite panel (aluminum both sides with a polyethylene core). 24'' x 60'' Laminated fir boards with silk screened graphics. 20'' x 32'' Sidewalk Sign,  Outdoor A-Frame  Sandwich Board.Plwood. 32'' x 36''. 50 screen printed. Furniture grade naturaly finished plywood. 12'' x 48'' Driveway sign on MDO plywood approximately 12'' 20''. Combination of vinyl and hand painting on MDO plywood. Top panel is 4' x 7'. Plywood painted to look like a sandblasted sign. Aprox. 30'' x 10' Residence sign. Printed vinyl on tempered Masonite. 11'' x 22''. MDO plywood all vinyl graphics. 32'' X 60''. MDO plywood with vinyl letters. 4' x 8'. Sidewalk Sign,  Outdoor A-Frame  Sandwich Board. Plastic with reverse sprayed graphics and a transparant window to display a changeable graphic. Aluminum frame.Approximatly 32''x 40''. free download website gallery makerby v5.9