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Examples of signs on wood for business or farm.
An excellent gift for a residence or cottage
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Cedar residence sign. Combination of sandblasting ( Zennor and banner shape) Scene is hand painted using 1 Shot sign
enamels. Approximately  15" x 22"
Double sided plywood hanging sign for cafe.
Lettering is computer cut vinyl. Coffee pot graphics printed on digital printer.

Hand painted sign on overlaid plywood. When a customer asks for a cartoon or illustration they always get one of my originals. No clip art here. Approximately 24"x32".

Hand lettered on mahogany. Lettering is gold leaf, with
 enamel painted dogwoods. Aprox. 8"x32"

Residence sign cut out of plywood.
Double sided.
Approximately 12" x 24" 
  Top sign is approximately 4'x7' on overlaid plywood. Posts are pressure treated secured in concrete.  Lettering in imitation gold computer cut vinyl.
Entrance sign for condominium. Letters are airbrushed.
24" x 60"
Silk screened in gold on laminated pine background.